What is the case all about?

2014 Case Sponsor:

The Yale SOM Africa Business Practicum (ABP) team has engaged Omidyar Network, an impact investment fund founded by Pam and Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, to work with one of its Sub-Saharan Africa based portfolio companies for our first case.

Focus & Approach

This one-day workshop will focus on tackling real challenges of doing business in Africa through the lens of an actual company based in sub-Saharan Africa. Using a case-based approach, invited students from leading US business schools will collaboratively explore the challenges and opportunities of doing business on the continent, and will present potential solutions to industry experts, faculty and renowned Yale World Fellows with relevant academic and professional experience. MBA students from leading business programs will have the opportunity to work on hybrid teams of up to 8 students, focused on a specific company problem area.

Multi-dimensional analysis:

The analysis of the case will be broken up into multiple problem areas, emblematic of the integrated management perspectives approach of the Yale School of Management core curriculum.  

These perspectives will aim to address questions the company is facing around:

1) Training and Development: How can the company train its entrepreneurs more effectively?  

2) New Markets and Growth: How can the firm generate annual growth in users and in transaction volume? 

3) Financial Analysis: How can the company ensure a financially sustainable business model going forward?   

4) Customer Retention: How should the firm adapt its business model to better attract and retain customers?

All participating MBA students will be surveyed to ascertain their perspective preference based on personal choice, professional experience as well as professional aspirations so as to derive the utmost value to the teams and the entire analysis of the case.