The case company


The 2018 Yale Africa Business Practicum will feature the case of Mawingu, a Microsoft-backed technology company providing affordable, reliable internet in Kenya and growing rapidly. Mawingu has successfully pioneered a pre-pay, public hotspot, internet access model – doing for the internet what pre-pay bundles did for phones a decade ago. Mawingu provides internet at less than half the cost than 3G or 4G network coverage under Mobile Network Operators and is currently serving over 30,000 customers. 

More background information will be provided to registered teams.


Case analysis will focus on multiple areas, emblematic of the integrated management perspectives approach of the Yale School of Management core curriculum.  

The case question is as follows: How do Mawingu and Microsoft maximize a symbiotic, synergistic and mutually profitable relationship going forward?

Addressing the following two considerations will be key to a strong case response.

1) Mawingu has demonstrated proof of the business concept and is entering a stage of domestic and international growth. How can the company most effectively leverage their relationship with Microsoft as they move forward? Consider the resources that Microsoft has and the challenges Mawingu faces. Consider financial, technical, political, regulatory, etc. resources in your response. What challenges do young start-ups face that Microsoft is well positioned to assist with and how do you ensure support provided is relevant and effective?

2) How can Microsoft (and other larger tech firms) effectively support Mawingu and other young emerging market tech companies in a way that is both beneficial to the company being supported and profitable for Microsoft? 


1st Place: $4,000

2nd Place: $2,000

3rd Place: $1,000


  • Open to all undergraduate and graduate students
  • A team of 2-4 persons can apply or apply individually to be placed in hybrid teams